What is the action mode of Viagra?

Today a lot of men are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction. However, not many men wish to talk about it. There are many people who believe that talking about this disorder is taboo. This is a condition where the person is not able to maintain an erection. Along with affecting the physical health of the person this condition also affects the mental condition of the person. Suffering from erectile dysfunction can also affect the relation of the person with their partners. Thus the use of Viagra 500mg for ED is very important in improving the condition of the person. So you can buy Viagra online and treat the condition if erectile dysfunction the right way.
The causes of erectile dysfunction
Some of the most common factors leading to impotence are- High cholesterol level in the bodySuffering from diabetesHaving high blood pressureObesityHaving a blocked blood vesselSuffering from metabolic syndromeParkinson’s disease Along with taking generic viagra 100mg, treating all the un…